A German speaking lawyer, sponsors and business partners wanted!


Dear Ladies and Gentlermen,

this website is furnished with a .com domain by good reasons. I ´not willing to accept the financial demage the German authorities caused. So I decided to market the affair, because I cannot get smart money. Everybody who wants to help me shall get his private advantage too. But you will understand, that I cannot make a concrete offer, because I do not know how far my proposition is compatible with the Canadian law. Nevertheless a fair and suitable solution can be find by the help of an Canadian lawyer. Please order background - information!

I ´m a free lancing journalist writing textes of all kind, especially documentations, satirics and song - lyrics. At the moment I´m writing a telenovela with 104 parts for 23 minutes; it will be a funny and satirc story about free invented persons in the Ruhr - district. In future I im going to itemize for movie - scripts. You can inform yourself about my work by my websites, the links are available from the start - site.

My public relation work:
My first contact to the German television was at RTL (Radio Tele Luxembourg) magazine "RTL Explosive" with Barbara Eligmann in 1999. I told the story of my extreme overweight I ´d overcome. Big newspaper articles in the WAZ (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung = Westgerman general Newspaper), the BILD Zeitung (picturte news, boulevard press) etc. should follow. I entered further talkshows and news magazines at the television, besides RTL I was to be seen in PRO 7, SAT 1, ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen = Second German Television, the German state television). I made a life radio interview for the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk = Westgerman Radio). At the meanwhile I cannot count the reports about in our local medias, radio and newspapers. Since 2004 I ´ve been playing some smaller parts in tv - detective series like Judge Barbara Salesch, Public Prosecutor Porsch, Niedrig and Kuhnt etc..  In future I want to cencentrate myself to further themes, for example asexualitiy is a very interesting theme for the medias.

I published since 1973 nearly about 500 little articles in newspapers and print magazines. I cannot count my notices in the internet meanwhile.

Already in the middle of the year 2000 I published my first websites in order to market the story of my extreme overweight and to bring forward the ideals of the free thinker movement. Other websites followed during the next years.

I want to continue my work in freedom and security in Canada / Québec.

My commercial plans:
I want to sell licenses as soon as possible, and so I ´ve to get a lot of new contacts here in Germany and Europe at first. I cannot prophesy when I will earn the first money by selling the licenses here. ...may be in a few months, may be in a few years. In this case the emigration to Canada wouldn´t be a financial problem for me. I have checked up the juristic situation. I can com to Canada, if I can guaranty, that there are no costs for the Candian state, because the governement - sponsorchips have been abolished. So I have to look after five private Canadian sponsors or one Candian organziation who are willing to give me sustenance. In order to subside the costs I ´m willing to accept another jobs temporary. For example jobs requiring the knowledge of the German language, for example in tourism, came into question.

I would be the only German asylum seeker in Canda, and I think that this story will be marketable worldwide for everybody´s advantage. But at first I ´m locking for a German speaking Canadian lawyer who wis willing to work for me an contengeny fees.

Please contact me, if you want to help me or please give this information next to ther possible interested people. Thank you!

Joachim Kossmann


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