Why do I want to go to Québec / Canada


When I was born in 1955, the European movement came more and more popular. People were fed up with wars and misery Europa had been suffered for a lot of centuries. The problems of our continent can only be solved, if the European states and citizens work together and forget the old animosities.

During the 1950s and 1960s the old European colonial empires broke down finally. The economical substance of the European states was demaged by the Second World War, and a new order for the world´s systhem became to be necessary.

More and more Europeans saw the chance to build up a new Empire, the "United States of Europe", a country from Portugal in the west to the Ural - perhaps up to Wladiwostok next to the Behring Sea - in the East, from Greenland in the north up to Italy in the south.

Some people protested and destroyed turnpikes and step by step progress was made to reach the aim ideals of the rising up European Union.

There was barbed wire between the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany and to the other countries at the beginning of the 1950s.
If you wanted to pass the border you were controlled strictly.
But the borders lost their implication especially from the point of view of young people of Europe.
Today the old borders are nearly hardly noticeable. You can cross an European border without taking notice of it.

An old forgotten customs house , you can look from the Nederlands to the Federal Republic of Germany

A view in the other direction to the Netherlands


Today citizens of the European Union can choose their permanent residence and job in each state who belongs to the European Union. We ´ve got a standard currency for the most urgenst countries of the European Union since 2002, the Euro. The European states belong together and we ´ll reach the aim to develope the European Union to become a social and legal state. Indeed there are problems, like the discussion about the new constitution of the European Union proves. But I ´m sure that we will be succesful to built up a new and wonderful state respecting human rights for everybody. At the moment the situation of the Federal Republic of Germany is rather deplorable and I cannot wait.






The Euro superseeded Europe´s most important old currencies in 2002.

Surely the introduction of the Euro was discussed in a controversial way, but the Euro is succeeds.



<<< Memorial for the Euro in Bruxelles (Belgium)

But I ´m sorry to say that there ´s a but in the case. The Treaty of Schengen makes it impossible  that citizens of the states of the European Union can get political asylum in another state which is a member of the European Union. That´s deplorable, because human rights and religious freedom are not secured in a sufficent way in most states of the European Union by different causes. Also the other European states which are not still members of the European Union signed the Treaty of Schengen or they will do so. The consequence is that persons who are persecuted by political or religious reasons have to leave Europe at all.

I could really imagine to live in another European country, in the Netherlands, in Belgium or France for example. I love Europe and Europe is my home land. But it will be too dangerous for me to stay here any longer. A Dutch office - holder said to me: "Mr. Kossmann, you will be welcome to the Netherlands at any time, but we cannot protect you against the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany because of the Treaty of Schengen."

And so I ´ve decided to leave Europe at all. After the Second World War the European culture was extremely influenced by America, but nearly only by the USA. I know a lot of matters of the USA and I couldn´t image to live their forever. The citizens of the USA are rather reactionary and religious, and I think people have forgotten the ideals the USA stood for when the country was founded in 1776. Besides them I am not a fan of the English language, because I don´t like Great Britain which was the most awful regime of terror during a lot of centuries the world had ever to stand.

Québec seems to be a little piece of Europe in America, the synthesis of the old and the new world. I like the French language and I ´m willing to learn it very well - and I think I will be successful. I want to live in a free land with liberal and tolerant people in a heterogeneous society.

But what can I offer to you in return? I  ´m a journalist writing textes of all kind, like telenovelas, especially satirics, documentaries, music - lyrics, producing websites, scripts for books and movie scripts. I would be the only German asylum seeker in Canada, and I think that this story could be marketable very well. I ´m not going to take the harm the German authorities caused, an amicable understanding with them wasn´t possible unfortunately. Even Canada isn´t a paradise on earth, it´s clear that I need money for my life, and the immigration will be very expensive. But I can offer good journalistic products I can sell with the right public relations.

I ´m planning to invest the earned money for touristic purposes, a partnership on a guest - ranch can be possible. I love the magnificant Canadian nature and wideness, but it will be self evident for me to continue my publications in the internet worldwide.

People have to get to know insider - information about the Federal Republic of Germany, which claims to be a democratic legal state. Only worldwide pression can stimulate the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany to make reforms. I will never forget my responsibility for the country I was born.

Here you can look at some pictures of "good old Europe", I ´d taken in Bruxelles:

It´s a great feeling to have a look to new buildings of the administration of the European Union in Bruxelles. Here is the center of the comin up most beautifull and mightiest country of the world. I hope so at all.

The following pictures let us guess the power of the old European empires, which are history today. But in future Europe shall not suppress strange people like in the past, we all want to establish a peaceful coexistence with everybody.


What I ´m thinking, when I ´m locking at the pictures? History and future are meeting each other in a very narrow way. The immense oppulence of the old European colonial empires with golden fassades at some houses is magnificant. Surely, there are other sides of Europe, the old down towns are very often suffer  by deplorable conditions. The economical problems rise. Unemployment is a big problem nearly everywhere in Europe. People are  unsatisfied, the general feeling is worse.

But Europe is beautiful at all. The old European colonial empires had broken down, but Europe will be united. Europe has got the chance to become the most powerful and worth living country of the world. Europe has the power to get it, but Europe hast to learn from the old mistakes which are still not overcome till today. Reforms are necessary. I want to make a modest promotion for this idealistic aim, because I ´m proud to be an European.

I ´m sad that I have to leave Europe, but I ´m lucky that I have to leave Germany, because I have nothing in common with this land. I will only miss my direct home land, the Ruhr - district, especially the town where I was born, Wanne - Eickel. But you can´t get everything in your life. When I enter the ship to North America in Rotterdam, I will never return to Europe for all my life.

Joachim Kossmann