The persecution of free thinking and atheistic people in the Federal Republic of Germany
(in general)


The stately church - financing in the Federal Republik of Germany



There is still no separation between state and church in the Federal Republic of Germany till today, although the German constitution (Grundgesetz) denies the existence of state - churches at all.

The catholic and evangelic churches of Germany, the former big public - churches, are paid by the German state. They get half of the money from the public treasury everybody has to pay for, even atheists, muslems etc... The churches get the other half from special church - taxes the members of the churches have to pay. This church - taxes are real taxes (and no dues!) and they are collected by the stately fiscal - offices.

The church members can deduct their church - taxes by their stately taxes. The churches themselves have never paid taxes in Germany at all.

Berufsverbote in the Federal Republic of Germany:

And now you might think, you can save the German church - taxes, if you expose your walkout from the church. In this case you have to visit a German local court respective a German register office. Then you will get a certification from the authority you have to sent to the fiscal - office. The clergyman of your hometown´s parish is not allowed to accept your decision because of the church - laws.

But there are a lot of social institutions - hospitals, kindergartens, homes for the aged -, which are depending from a churchly sponsorchip, although the churches spent only about 8 % of their income for social purposesses. The German state churches are the second largest employers in our country, especially in the social domain. If you are a doctor, a kindergartner, a nurse or something similar, you will be very often depending on the church to be your employer. The church only gives work to church members which pay church - taxes. A lot of people are forced to be church - members and to pay church - taxes because of professional or private reasons.

Indeed antidiscrmination - laws exist also in the Federal Republic of Germany, but there are exception rules for the churches. Our "democratic state" tolerates and supports religious discrimination and other infringements of the law by the churches.

But there is one urgent exception: When the churches give work to forced laborers - conscientious objectors (= people who don´t want to serve for the military) and unemployed persons - the churches havn´t to pay for, the churches are not interested in the (non) - Christian attitude of  people they can exploite.


The Marienhospital of Gelsenkirchen is locking for a new secretary:

"....besides them you have to support by your Christian engagement the aims and the mission statement of an institution on catholic sponsorship... (ZUdem tragen Sie durch Ihre christliche Grundeinstellung die Zielsetzungen und das Leitbild einer in katholischen Trägerschaft befindlichen Einrichtung mit...)"

By: Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (General Newspaper of West Germany), job - offers, April 14th , 2007


No fun at Good - Friday!

The German states allows the Christian state - churches to regularize everybodies every - day life!

If you do not  accept the following reglementations, you will be punished!

A situation like in the middle age or like in orientalic theocratical sythems! It´s a shame for Germany!

Maundy - Thursday and Good - Friday are liable to a special protection:

In order to preserve the serious character of the Holy Week the Maundy - Thursday and Good - Friday are liable to a special protection. All dancing - events are forbidden from Maundy - Thursday 6 o´clock pm till Holy - Saturday 6 o´clock am.
From Good - Friday 5 o´clock am till Holy - Saturday 6 o´clock am are forbidden: Markets, commercial exhibitions, sport - events, circus - performances, kermisses amd other spare time events with dancing or circus performing entertainments; the opening of gambling - houses and the commercial acception of bets, music and amusing entertainments of all kind in pubs, restaurants and in next - rooms with licensed premises. Besides them all other amusing public events including dancing; all private amusing events outside from private flats; performances of movies which are not accepted to be appropriate for the performance on Good - Fridays after the opinion of the minister of culture or a institution acknowleged by him.
Also events of theater and musical performances , movie performances and discourses of all kind - also with a serious character are forbidding during the main time of service on Good - Friday from 6 o´clock am to 11 o´ clock am.
By: A press release of the city of Herne (Federal Republic of Germany) 2007

Here you can read the complete Law of Holidays of Northrhine - Westpalia (Federal Republic of Germany) in English translation.


Corpus Christi Day in the Federal Republic of Germany Shopping centers are locking like a ghost - town

....and only 7 km far away in the nearby Netherlands: Fun and shopping, the Germans fly from melancholy ordered by the authoritarian German state

The Hindenburg Blvd. in Moenchengladbach, the nearest big town in Germany at Good Friday 2011.

Moenchengladbach is only 25 km away from Venlo, you can notice the difference.


















Good Friday April 2nd 2010

Shopping at the German Aldi Shop in Venlo
(The Netherlands) isn´t a problem....



Duesseldorf, North Rhine - Westphalia
The bus of the German free - thinker movement at the Kai and Uwe Lorenz Platz, nearby a church

No, you are not right, this is not a photo of a quiet normal urban bus of a public transport company, because any of the German public transport companies who were asked to put the advertising "Es gibt keinen Gott" (There is no God) of the German free thinkers on their busses refused. Even the severe traditionell catholic states Spain and Italy allowed this kind of advertsings. In contrary to this religious propaganda is often to be seen at German public vehicles.

At this place I would have liked to publish a photo of an urban bus of the Dortmunder Stadtwerke (transport company) with the advertisung "Keine Sorge, es gibt Gott..." (no sorrow, God exists...) of the Katholisches Forum Dortmund (catholic forum Dortmund), but the Katholisches Forum Dortmund refused a photo of the bus to place at my disposals because of the content of my websites and
At the meantime the Katholisches Forum Dortmund has taken away the photo of its website.


The religious service for the members of the parliament of North Rhine - Westphalia:
"The nominee of evangelic churches at parliament and government, Mr. Rolf Krebs, as well as the chef of the catholic office, Mr. Dr. Karl - Heinz Vogt, are inviting the members of the parliament North Rhine Westphalia at September, 20th 2007 to:
At 8 o´clock to a breakfast at the restaurant of the Landtag and at 9.15 o´clock to the religious service in room E3 z 03."
By: Landtag Intern 9 / 2007

The religious service belongs to the church, but not to the parliament!




The new building of the parliament (Landtag) of North Rhine - Westpalia, the greatest federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany looks very considerable...

The Landtag in Duesseldorf